FinDom or Financial Domination is a very sexy type of domination within the wider spectrum of BDSM. This type of domination or dom is focused on the beautiful relationship between a dominant, most likely to be female but not always, and the sub / submissive male slave.

FinDom is an intricate power play of the powerful and the powerless, the slave and the master. It delves into the realms of fantasy play which have many times been explored in films. Notably, the movie The Secretary explores the powerful interplay between Doms and Subs.

In a #FinDom relationship, the sub or slave praises his Dom or Queen through financial tributes, which are payments made via Paypal, Amazon and many other methods. The Dom or #Queen is kept in a state of financial bliss, and the sub receives the release (often sexual) of knowing that his ultimate praise of his queen achieves her attention and power. The FinDom queen will many times control the sub, requiring him to undertake humiliating tasks that degrade and remove his power and self-esteem further.

The #FinDom Queens role is a complex blend of master, humiliator, and giver of sexual pleasure. The role play functions broadly as follows,

FinDom Queen

The FinDom plays the role of controller of the subs destiny, and using webcams, over the phone and sometimes even in person will dominate and assume power over the sub.

Sub Slave

In a world driven by money, excess and where financial success is often seen as the only important accomplishment in a man’s life, the sub-slave seeks escapism. Escapism can be achieved by letting your FinDom have password access to your bank accounts in some cases, or simply having your FinDom call and insult you several times a day.

FinDoms and Feet

Being dedicated to feet and all things foot loving and sexy feet play, we will aim to find and promote the sexiest #FinDoms that have a foot focus and feature them here. The best will also get a featured page for themselves.

If you think you know of a #FinDom that is worthy of note and praise, please contact us @footpimping so that we can connect and promote. Please ensure that if you are suggesting models, that they have a foot fetish, or actively promote feet slavery.

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