How to increase your OnlyFans Subscribers


August 2017 Update- The way that OnlyFans operates now means that I cannot in good conscience promote them as a company. I now have a far better alternative for you.

How to increase your ManyVids Subscribers

So you already have a ManyVids account and you sell a product or service, but if you do not then read this article instead. If you are reading this article, it is very likely you are working in the FinDom financial domination market. Well good on you, because you already created your account with ManyVids, and perhaps you already have some followers that pine after the content that you create. You already know the value of having subscribers because your earning from them. However, its possible your not earning as much as you could be.

5 Things you can do to increase your ManyVids Subscribers

Follow these 5 things and watch as your subscriber following grows.

1 – Increase your activity and the number of scheduled posts you send daily

Sounds silly , but simply making sure that you increase your activity and schedule your online Twitter or Instagram activity means that you give your followers more content and more consistency and a reason to keep checking back on you. The internet is crammed full of people trying to get to the front of the queue and grab all the attention for themselves. It is the cult of celebrity, and with social media, anyone has the chance of obtaining their own celebrity. However by scheduling in advance you are making sure that you have a regular stream of information which is current and at the forefront of all your followers Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Outside of the schedule this leaves you time to be impulsive and respond to interesting and new things that happen in your Twitter stream real time. You must have the time to be impulsive because it helps your followers to understand you and also to be a part of the world that you create for them.

2 – Prominent Verification Video

Credibility is everything online and on social media sites like Twitter, and your followers need to believe that you are a real person with real demands. This is especially important in the #FinDom marketplace because your submissive’s need to feel they are sending money (often large sums of money) to a real person. They need to know that when they send money to LustyLucy69 , she is not actually hairy Mike 53 sitting in his bedroom with his cock in his hand taking their money. Therefore prominently placed and regular verification videos are the best way to say your real without needing to say your real. This alone will increase the number of followers you have and then by extension the number of people that pay to subscribe to your ManyVids.

3 – Do not give away too much free content

Sounds counter intuitive because Social media and platforms like Twitter and Instagram are about socially sharing. However, you need to control what you give away for free, so that your not removing reasons for a subscriber to pay for your content. In the ideal world, to maximise your ManyVids subscribers, you would use Twitter and Instagram to titillate and tantalise your followers into lusty states. You then provide the real content to paid subscribers in ManyVids. This creates a value driven PayPerView model for your content. This is not to say that you do not do lots of “advertisements” about your paid ManyVids material, but you do not give it away free.

4 – Be interesting

This sounds obvious but people do not pay their hard earned money to subscribe to boring people. To have people following you is a privilege. Each subscriber is a buyer, and they are buying something, whether its your product or service, in the case of financial domination YOU as a person. So if the product / service / YOU stop being interesting, sexy, new , fresh etc etc then your buyer will simply stop buying. In the context of financial domination, make sure that you create new fresh content regularly and follow trends in the market. If your followers like feet, then create more foot focused videos and images. Follow your followers and subscribers, understand their needs and wants. You will not be surprised to know that your subscribers and followers talk about their desires frequently and in public forums like Twitter. You can build a gauge for what your audience wants, and then work to fill that niche completely. The result is long term subscribers and ones that will talk about you and promote you to others, increasing your following and therefore earning.

5 – Get me involved to promote

Ok so this last one is a little bit of self promotion, but hey at least I am being honest. You need to build pace, and gather more followers faster if you want to really build recurring income. You can do this in many ways, and often they are paid. The more followers you have on social media , the more potential subscribers you have for ManyVids. So what I offer is the team aspect to you. Given the opportunity I will help create more of a buzz around your posts and content, helping to boost the number of subscribers you have in ManyVids. I am a realist and will tell you now that this process takes time, and its not an overnight process. I can promise you that with the right work, and time your earning potential will increase continually.

What I offer is not a paid service, and cannot be put in a cart and checked out. What I offer costs you nothing in a referral model.

Ultimately I offer you a certain type of charm and wit to create a buzz around all your activity. The ultimate effect being more ManyVids followers.

To contact me and discuss how we can work together, DM me on Twitter @footpimping

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