Lovense Long Distance Sex Toys

Lovense Sex Toys for Cam Models

There is nothing that a cam model needs more then something to keep her warm at night 🙂 well perhaps its not that serious a need, but it can be boring sitting in a room on your own trying to entice the screaming hoards of horny men and women. This sexy toy is a wonderful way to spice up your life, share the pleasure and also make some money in the process. Click the picture below to learn more about this sexy toy.

Lovense Long Distance Love Control

This is the cam model and online sex performers toy of choice, also called the “Pink Tail” because of the cute tail that hangs out when its fully inserted. This is a wonderful sex toy designed to make you money and be a super sexy sensual toy to use. If you have experienced the online cam chat girl experience on site such as Chaturbate you will be familiar with the Lush Pink Tail vibrator. Watching girls online using it is one thing, but having the ability to use it with your girlfriend or even better with your mistress is now a possibility. Buy one and see how you fair. 


Lovense has one for the boys

Lovense definitely do not want to leave cocks wagging, so this one is for the boys. It is one of the premium virtual reality VR male masturbator’s on the market for the discerning customer.

Lovense Max


Comparison with Fleshlight

To learn how this product is miles ahead of the competition see the below chart where its compared against one of the industry leaders.


Lovense Comparison on


Best advice for Cam Models

Lovense toys are so amazing for Cam and Chat models, that we say you are missing out if you do not have one. The increase in tips and money earned that cam models experience is astouding. This uplift in earned income is simply because punters/viewers/voyeurs feel more involved in the action. They feel that they are able to actually give the models orgasms, which is what this long distance technology allows. For more detailed information about how you can benefit from this technology as a cam model, check out this link.