Sell your videos using OnlyFans and get paid



Do you already have an OnlyFans account? then consider this instead help grow the number of Subscribers you have and earn more.


Sell your content using social media

So you like social media? and you like the ease of Twitter and Instagram? you like them because you can take pics and videos and upload them with ease. If you are a cam model, it is the best way to titillate your followers and to let them know when you are releasing new content. If you’re a #FinDom then it is the best mechanism to rinse those piggies and command them as you will. Every day people spend hours on end, updating and promoting themselves on social media to build the fan base that will eventually purchase goods or services, or in the case of #FinDom simply fulfil financial sexual pleasures.

August 2017 Update- The way that OnlyFans operates now means that I cannot in good conscience promote them as a company. I now have a far better alternative for you.

Sell your videos by setting up a ManyVids account

The first stage is to create a profile on ManyVids by clicking the logo below,


ManyVids @


Once you have created a simple free profile, connect your Twitter account to ManyVids. It is important to have your Twitter connected so that you can spread the message to your followers as we progress.

Account Verification

The next stage is to verify your account, by submitting bank details and also uploading a picture of your passport or driving license. This element may sound quite invasive, but it’s very normal for any organisation that is credible and financially regulated to gather and hold this information about you. In the world of banking, this area of verification is termed as KYC (Know Your Customer) and sits within a wider regulatory requirement called AML (Anti Money Laundering). In layman’s terms, this fulfils the need for companies that take money to be able to prove to financial authorities where the payments are being sent. Ultimately, this helps to prevent financial crime.

It normally takes 1 hour to be verified if you upload a clear picture of your passport or driving license. Once verified you are ready to start building your fan base and setting a subscription price.

Content Pricing for your followers

You can set prices as you see fit, but start at the lower end and test the sales. You can also set subscription prices. There is no upside limit, so you can set whatever you like. A good practice is to search for other ManyVids content providers that are doing something similar to you and then choose your pricing in the same range. From my experience of cam models, #FinDom models, and other adult orientated content providers, the sweet-spot is approx $20-30 per Month. The other great feature is that your followers can also send you Tips of any value during the month, and this is something that you should encourage amongst your followers, as it will really boost your earnings.

Using ManyVids to make money

Using the ManyVids system is a breeze. As a content provider, you simply log in and create posts, just as you would on Twitter or Instagram. The major advantage is that here you are not limited to 140 characters, and you can upload sizeable pictures and videos. Below is a picture of a typical Profile page.


Queen Sophia Lilly



Will ManyVids make you rich on its own?

I think you know the answer to that question. ManyVids is a tool, a fantastic tool for building audience size and engagement. However, it will not make you rich on its own. You need to approach this tool with the same positive mindset and excitement as you do with every picture you take and every video you make for your niche. This tool will then give you the edge to promote and engage with your followers and fans. I think ManyVids is a brilliant application for maximising your follower engagement and can literally triple or quadruple your earnings over a short period of time.

I am always interested in knowing how this application performs, so click on the links above, create an account, connect with me on social media, and let me know how you get on. Happy Earning.


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