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Have you got sexy feet?

Do you often look down and think you have beautiful feet? or is it that you have been told by loved ones, that you have sexy feet?  Perhaps you are just curious about the response your feet will get from serious foot worshipers. Use the below form to send us a picture or video, and we will showcase your feet and let you know exactly what the world thinks of your feet.

Found an interesting feet website?

Have you found a website that you think we are missing. Is there some trusted foot related website you have been visiting to regularly “unload” 🙂  Well then send us a message and let us know. We will happily reach out because we believe in sharing foot love whenever we can. If you highlight a site to us, we will make sure that all our readers check it out. This is a caring loving community where we want to share.

The annoying submission rules

Yes, as you can imagine all websites have to have them. We need you to play by the rules, so you must be over 18 years old to submit photos or videos to us. You must own and/or have documented permission to upload the pictures to us. We will use the pictures and video in any way we see fit, which essentially means that you are giving us all rights associated to the content you send us to allow us to use it in any way we think appropriate.

To allow us to protect ourselves, which we are sure you will want us to do, once you have submitted content, you are agreeing to forfeiting all possible financial compensation from the submitted content. You give us full rights to use and put the content among other content which may or many not be monetized. You shall have no rights to claim compensation from us in any form thereafter.

We appreciate this sounds strict, but in the age of lawsuits and legal claims, we need to make this very clear, so that no misunderstanding can arise after you submit the content to us.

We may choose to credit you by name, or by pointing traffic to you, but this will not be financial credit in the form of payments for pictures or videos or any other such content. All pictures and videos are submitted by you for free and with no limitation as to how we can use your content.

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