Work at home and get wealthy

Work at home and get wealthy

Work at home is not a new concept, it was done successfully in the 1980’s with the famous AVON ladies selling women’s items from home. Work at home now is taking this idea even further, so that you are literally working at home, and not leaving home. I originally created this page to help a very beautiful and sexy #findom queen who was starting her journey into the exciting world of online income. However, over time and with the number of requests incoming to give advice and help, I have broadened the scope of this piece. As always my motivation is to help others.

Below I will detail some steps, and it may seem as though I am simply sending you to a bunch of locations to create accounts which will earn me money, but this is not the case, and I suggest you read on. Yes the below will send me some affiliate clicks and possibly the odd referral quid, but its not what I am here for, and not what is going to make me rich. My motivation is a personal interest in my foot fetish project and building the site into a large community. Along my journey I am happy to help others learn and grow. My experience is quite technical, and covers too many areas to mention in this brief intro, but I am sure if you get to know me, you will understand in time.

Work at home and learn to build an income stream that lasts

This journey to income is not about get rich quick schemes or listening to people telling you that you will make money fast, because simply, YOU WONT. You need to be committed to the process and enjoy the fetish or area that you are wanting to earn income in. I love Feet, everything about them, so its natural for me to spend time and want to spend time in activities which keep me looking at feet and enjoying the sexual and sensual pleasures that surround them. Similarly if your thing is #FinDom then learn to enjoy all parts of it, and understand the niche for what it is. Learn what your audience wants from their #Queens


Step 1 – Click the following image below to create yourself a free broadcaster profile.

Make sure that you keep your new profile name as close to your chosen profile name in Twitter or Instagram or any other social sharing platform you are using. If you have not chosen an appropriate name, use this opportunity to rethink your naming and strategy. I want you to try to keep a uniform marketing message across all your activity.


Recruitment @

Step 2 – Complete your verification documents

This is important so that you can earn tokens (which equal money) from any future activities you do on the Cam Site. Remember there is no obligation on your part, you can complete all these tasks and then still decide never to take part.

Step 3 – Send me your new Profile name

Once you send me your new profile name on the cam site, I can add that to some of my other online accounts to start the process of forwarding traffic towards you.

Step 4 – Subscribe to my Email List

Sorry this one is just me doing some networking 🙂  and wanting to have some mechanism to contact you with new things that I might be working on. In reality, since I have had this list, I have not sent a single email, but I hope too one day. So if you do not mind, I would love for you to join my email list. You can find the join form below,

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Step 5 – Sign up for OnlyFans website

You need to build an audience that pays, so one fantastic way to build recurring monthly income is having a mechanism for your “fans”  “followers” and “lovers” to pay to follow you.


OnlyFans at


Using OnlyFans you will need to create clips and material for your followers to entice them to subscribe to you, but actually, you as a web model are always creating material, the only difference is that when you are creating material you are just throwing it out into the ether for free on Twitter and Instagram. With OnlyFans you will now be cataloguing pictures, video clips and anything else you want in a format that can be purchased. A wonderful way to increase your monthly income.


For more detailed information on how to MAXIMISE EARNINGS using OnlyFans click here.

Step 6 – Discussion around cam style and strategy

At this point, you have the basics ready to start discussing my thoughts on how to leverage all the above, alongside growing your social profiles with the single aim of overall income growth.

Step 7 – Get ready for the long haul

Realise that this is not a short term endeavour, and will take considerable time and effort over a sustained period of time. You will not be famous tomorrow, and your beauty will not get you ahead on its own. You will need to allow time to learn, and grow and tweak and test. Do not be in a rush to amass Twitter or Instagram followers, and do not just buy them. If you have completed the above, then you are ready to move onto the next step, which will follow soon.